Bullet Racing in partnership with Bremerton WA based MAXRPM Motorsports can provide you with chassis dyno tuning service for your street or race prepared car.

A chassis dyno objectively measures the way your total vehicle behaves in a variety of performance scenarios, making it the ideal tool for custom tuning as well as diagnostic testing. Chassis dyno tuning is the only legitimate scientific method today to properly tune a car for ultimate performance or to diagnose an intermittent drivability problem.

Whether you’re looking to find out how much horsepower you have throughout your power curve, or if you want to find ways to optimize your package, we can give you all the documented information you need.

Chassis dyno tuning provides hard data that shows what the car is doing from start to finish, and this baseline serves as the basis from which we are able to adjust the variables in the engine control module to reach your peak performance. Using the all- wheel drive chassis dyno, we are able to simulate real world road conditions to test mechanical performance modifications, load new ECU maps, or test custom tuning changes.

Performance maps ordered through the internet are “tunes” that have been created using a generic vehicle, with many parameters left less than optimized to account for differences in fuel quality and other factors, or worse, with ignition curves set too aggressively which produces good power at the expense of engine longevity.

The basic dyno package consists of 3 full pulls tested in real world conditions on the Dyno, while connected to data logging via the OBD port. The initial pull is run to collect baseline data, subsequent pulls can be with modified maps tuned to optimize performance based on your specific package and performance objectives.

If you want to get the maximum performance and power for your unique car, Bullet Racing always recommends a custom tune for your application.