Bullet Racing Unveils New Brand Identity

VANCOUVER, BC - January 19, 2014 -Bullet Racing today unveiled a new brand identity, symbolized by the introduction of a new logo that signifies it’s evolution and transformation, and celebrates the culture of innovation and professionalism built over the company’s 20+ year history. “The launch of our new brand logo kicks off a new era at Bullet Racing that speaks to who we are as a company today,” said team owner Steve Paquette. “What began as a small Porsche race shop based out of Vancouver, has evolved into an international group that develops, competes and supports a wide range of racing vehicles and technologies”.The previous logo and brand served the company for more than a decade. During that time, Bullet Racing was extremely proud to represent it’s home country by incorporating Canadian flag design elements into it’s logo. With expansion into the United States and beyond, the new logo now properly represents Bullet Racing’s international position.“We are very proud of our heritage as Canadians, and so grateful for the incredible support of our fellow countrymen over the years,” said Paquette. “This support and foundation is what has made our growth into an international team possible.” Look for an all new Bullet Racing Facebook page and website. Team garments, equipment and media will soon be available through the new Bullet Racing website e-commerce utility.


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