At Bullet Racing we have come to learn over decades of racing all models of Porsche cars that without a doubt your suspension is where the real speed is found. Whether it’s by installing a custom tuned shock and spring package from our partners at JRZ Suspension and then set up properly by Bullet Racing or by simply having us align and corner balance your existing setup the results will be immediately felt. Your car will be not only faster but easier to drive fast.

Wheel alignment is a critically important aspect of a vehicle and should be addressed whenever the suspension of the car is altered in any way. Even unbolting a shock from the vehicle may throw off the alignment enough to affect the cornering performance of the vehicle as well as the tire life. Whether you are racing against the clock on a road course, or simply commuting in your daily driver, wheel alignment is a critical aspect of automobile tuning.

While it's often referred to simply as an "alignment" or "wheel alignment," it's specifically the measurement of suspension angles and the adjustment of a variety of suspension components. 

We at Bullet Racing check and/or adjust alignment often to optimize our performance. It is also a great way to be able to stay on top of wear and replacement requirements. Of course checking alignment is also a must after contact with another car, an off track excursion that upsets the car, or if we notice any change in handling.

A properly corner balanced car will handle evenly in left and right turns. Unbalanced handling occurs when front-to-rear weight distribution is not equal for left and right sides. In a symmetric car out-of-balance is easily understood as excessive weight carried by one pair of diagonal wheels. If the imbalance is extreme, your car will react completely different in right and left hand turns not to mention under heavy braking!  As you increase spring rates and install any custom suspension components a proper corner balance becomes that much more critical.