Born in Vancouver and raised in Kelowna BC, Zac Zawisza grew up playing team sports typical to that of a young Canadian including hockey, lacrosse, and baseball. Shortly after purchasing his first car he was introduced to entry level motorsports in the form of autocross, a timed competition in which drivers navigate one at a time through a course defined with cones. After several successful seasons, friends and family encouraged him to explore sports car racing. In his debut road race in the MAZDASPEED Challege at Laguna Seca, Zac took the track record. Since that event, Zac has made racing as a professional driver his goal.

Zac lives in Kelowna BC, where he works in a dynamic, high pressure environment as an aviation maintenance planner for one of Canada’s largest aircraft maintenance repair organizations. Everyday he strives to make progress towards achieving his dream of racing professionally on the world stage.